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International Jännerrallye

International Jännerrallye - 01-01/05/2013

Based in Freistadt, 40 kilometres north of Linz, the International Jännerrallye will run for the 30th time in 2013 when it opens the new-look ERC. And this will be no easy start with undulating stages on snow and ice-coated asphalt roads providing a huge challenge for the crews, not to mention a thrilling spectacle for the fans that will flock to watch the action in Upper Austria in great number. Indeed, an estimated 150,000 spectators witnessed the battle for glory in 2012 as the leading runners from the Austrian and Czech championships went head to head against the ERC regulars.


6 - 8 NOVEMBER 2020

Freistadt - 26 Jul
14° 13°

Scattered Clouds