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Michelin introduces new LTX Force T tyre on ERC Rally Liepaja

2019-05-28T15:41:45+02:00May 28th, 2019|2019, Rally Liepāja|

Michelin unleashed a new tyre for round three of the FIA European Rally Championship.

Designed for high-speed gravel events, Michelin’s LTX Force T was used for the first time on Rally Liepāja.

With a new construction, the LTX Force T provides more lateral support on fast corners through an enforced, albeit softer sidewall. This new product is lighter than its predecessor, it enables later braking, while its unique two-lined tread pattern on each edge of the tyre allows for improved dispersion of loose-surface gravel.

“We have experienced no punctures, no issues and no damage which is good for the first time and on a high-speed gravel rally like this it is the right choice,” said Jérôme Hancart, Michelin’s technical advisor on ERC events. “Drivers have said they felt much more confident under braking, they can brake later, traction is improved and they also feel more lateral support.”

The LTX Force T was available in both soft and medium compounds on Rally Liepāja, while a hard-compound version has been designed for events held in warmer conditions. The 17/65/15 version of the tyre comes in soft, medium and hard compounds, as does the 16/64/15 version.