Thu 25 Apr 2024

How Fit4Race is helping Junior ERC stars thrive

Young talents contesting the FIA Junior ERC Championship in 2024 are benefitting from a performance coaching and physical and mental support package provided by Hungarian company Fit4Race.

The Fit4Race programme was created 15 years ago by Zsolt Matics. Since then, the motorsport-specific training method has been a success not only at home but also internationally.   

Norbert Michelisz, the winner of the WTCR – FIA World Touring Car Cup in 2019 who made a one-off ERC appearance on Rally Hungary last season, is a Fit4Race programme beneficiary, as are current ERC drivers Mixi Csomós and Patrik Herczig. Fit4Race has also helped Zsombor Berecz, an Olympic silver medal-winning sailor.  

During V-Híd Rally Hungary earlier this month, Fit4Race organised a series of workshops through a partnership with ERC promoter, WRC Promoter GmbH.  

Matics explained: “The idea was to help, not only with onsite advice or warm-up, but also with long-term advice and education. Thanks to the promoter, there was a mandatory briefing with all Junior ERC drivers attending. We told them if they needed any physical or mental help or advice during the weekend, we would be waiting for them with rally-specific exercises and methods. They were very open to it and four or five pairs of drivers come back to us every day.”

“In rallying, the most important thing is to be in the moment, neither ahead nor behind, because that’s simply what you need to avoid making mistakes. Once you reach that status, something really tough has to happen to take you out of the flow.”  

With Fit4Race’s work proving to be of real value, Matics intends to develop the programme further, including providing tailor-made support for more experienced drivers.  

Meanwhile, Max McRae will receive a full Fit4Race athlete MOT as a further reward for his breakthrough victory in the Hankook-equipped Junior ERC category in Hungary.

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