What happens when a post gets in the way? Nobre explains ERC Zlin delay

2019-08-26T17:23:53+02:00August 26th, 2019|2019, Barum Czech Rally Zlín|

Paulo Nobre has explained how an innocuous spin caused him big problems on his latest FIA European Rally Championship appearance.

Brazilian Nobre was in the Barum Czech Rally Zlín top 30 after two stages but an off on stage three put him out of the sealed-surface event’s first leg before his return under Rally2 rules on day two.

The Palmeirinha Rally team driver said: “On one left in a crest the back wheels of the car got loose and we spin. In the next corner that was exactly after this corner they make some protections to stop people from cutting. In most of the parts they make this with some sticks and that is okay, but in that corner they put some big stones and we hit one of these big stones with the right back wheel [as we spin] and we completely destroyed the shock absorber and broke one [suspension] arm. We couldn’t do anything.”

After restarting on Sunday, Nobre and co-driver Gabriel Morales placed P32.