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ACCR Czech Team’s ERC juniors battle for home podium

2018-06-18T19:51:15+02:00June 20th, 2018|2018|

Jan Černý just did enough to edge out fellow ACCR Czech Team driver Filip Mareš to land second place among the Czech championship runners in third overall on the Agrotec Petronas Rally Hustopeče last weekend.

While former FIA European champion Jan Kopecký’s capture of a win number 20 in succession in his national series was a highlight, the battle between Černý and fellow Czech hopeful Mareš also created considerable interest.

“The first leg was not so perfect from our side, but the second one was much better, I enjoyed it,” Černý (pictured) said afterwards. “We were forced to fight until the finish of the last stage and that’s exactly why we are doing this sport.”

Mareš, who is stepping up to R5 machinery in 2018 after finishing third in the ERC Junior Under 27 Championship last season, said: “Jan was faster so deserves this. But we are not unhappy with our position and we must improve if we want to be on the podium. We have gained lot of new experience.”

Černý will chase ERC Junior Under 28 points on Rally di Roma Capitale next month. Mareš will do likewise on Barum Czech Rally Zlín at the end of August when Černý will also be in action.

ERC Junior Under 28 podium contender Martin Koči finished second overall on the Agrotec Petronas Rally Hustopeče, beating ERC regular Grzegorz Grzyb to top Slovakian championship points with Pole Grzyb taking fifth overall.

Meanwhile, Marijan Griebel, last year’s ERC Junior U28 champion, took his PEUGEOT Deutschland-backed 208 T16 to second place on the ADAC Rallye Stemweder Berg in his native Germany last weekend.