Almeida doesn’t give up on ERC3 Junior debut

2020-07-31T19:42:03+02:00July 31st, 2020|2020, Rally di Roma Capitale|

Forced to stop on day one of Rally di Roma Capitale after he became ill through fuel vapour inhalation, Pedro Almeida restarted on day two to finish seventh in FIA ERC3 Junior despite being further hampered when his car started cutting out.

Making his ERC3 Junior debut with new co-driver Hugo Magalhães by his side, Almeida was armed with an all-new Peugeot 208 Rally4 for his first Rally di Roma Capitale appearance.

“I tried to do my best but in the first stage I was feeling sick and I couldn’t see sometimes,” the Portuguese talent said afterwards. “I was thinking I was going to crash and I told Hugo so we slowed down and we managed to finish. At the end I was almost passing out so we stop and Hugo came to the steering wheel and did the complete liaison section.

“In the second stage I was feeling a bit better so I tried to go on the stage but a few kilometres from the beginning I was not feeling okay again so we thought the best was to stop and the team resolved the problem.

“Still on Sunday morning there was the smell because the fuel was still in the car but in the afternoon it was okay. It was a tough rally because even after the fuel problems the car was shutting down and I don’t know why.”