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Big interest as ERC Rally Islas Canarias 2018 is launched

2018-04-18T00:00:00+02:00April 18th, 2018|2018, Rally Islas Canarias|

Round two of the 2018 FIA European Rally Championship is officially underway following yesterday’s launch in Las Palmas.

Some 100 dignitaries, officials, sponsors and media assembled at the Salón Gran Fórum in the AC Hotel Gran Canaria to learn more about May’s all-asphalt event and gain a further understanding of the rally’s importance to the local community and beyond.

Antonio Morales, President of Cabildo de Gran Canaria, said: “This rally contributes to the fact that this brand of Gran Canaria as a European sports island transcends our borders and becomes a benchmark for physical activity and social cohesion through sports. It also means an extraordinary projection of the island, of our climate and our landscapes. It generates productive economy and, to finish, it is an example of how public and private initiative can join forces to carry out an event of these characteristics. You can not build the future of a territory without everyone’s participation and this rally makes this collaboration visible.”

Manuel Aviñó, President of the Real Federación Española de Automovilismo (RFEDA), explained that last year’s Rally Islas Canarias was the most valued of all Spanish championship rounds. Wishing “all the luck to the organising committee for an even better event than last year, Aviñó highlighted the participation of Efrén Llarena in ERC Junior Under 27 as part of the Rally Team Spain initiative, his prize for winning the Beca Junior R2 crown in Spain last season.

Jean-Baptiste Ley, ERC Co-ordinator, commented on the huge popularity of the championship and some of the recent innovations, including the introduction of a two-tier ERC Junior Championship and a move to an eight-event calendar as part of cost-cutting efforts.

This year’s Rally Islas Canarias takes place from 3-5 May. Entries closed yesterday evening and the draft list is due to be published at 14h00 local time on 23 April.