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BREAKING NEWS: Filip Mares is 2019 ERC1 Junior champion by 0.3s!*

2019-08-18T19:50:51+02:00August 18th, 2019|2019, Barum Czech Rally Zlín|

Filip Mareš (ACCR Czech Rally Team) has been provisionally crowned FIA ERC1 Junior champion for 2019* after passing Chris Ingram (Toksport WRT) for class victory on the final stage of Barum Czech Rally Zlín.

Starting the last stage with 0.6s to make up, Mareš took just under a second out of Ingram on the longest stage of the rally, sealing the title by an incredible 0.3s, after both completed thousands of kilometres across six countries.

“Totally amazing feeling. I have no words for it. For sure it’s the biggest day of my lfie so far. I’m really happy,” said Mareš. “I would like to thank my team and everyone who has helped me so far in my rally career. I’m really happy.

“For sure Chris has done an amazing performance during the weekend. I really admired them, really nice performance, it was the race of my life.”

Despite missing out on a 100,000 euro prize to compete on the last two events of the FIA European Rally Championship, provided by series promoter Eurosport Events, Ingram was magnanimous in defeat.

“I did my best. Massive thank you to the team.”

Jan Kopecký (ŠKODA Motorsport) also sealed his fifth consecutive Barum Czech Rally Zlín victory, with Mareš and Ingram completing the overall podium. Despite losing out on the ERC1 Junior title, Ingram is provisionally one point in the lead of the overall standings.

*Subject to confirmation of the results by the FIA