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BREAKING NEWS: Llarena clinches ERC3 title* with Cyprus victory

2019-09-29T15:24:30+02:00September 29th, 2019|2019, Cyprus Rally|

Efren Llarena has secured the FIA European Rally Championship’s ERC3 title* with victory on the Cyprus Rally, beating Erik Cais to victory.

“That’s amazing. That was one of the most difficult rallies I’ve ever done,” said Llarena.

“You can have a puncture in every corner. There are almost 20-22km per stage but you have a lot of corners.

“We are very happy, thank you to Rallye Team Spain, thank you Peugeot Sport for supporting us to come here. Thank you to my family and my team.”

Llarena’s co-driver Sara Fernández also secured the ERC3 Co-Drivers’ title*, her first championship trophy of the year as the ERC3 Junior championship does not award a prize for co-drivers.

“I want to say thank you to Saintéloc and Peugeot Sport for giving us this opportunity, and the Spanish federation for all this support,” said Fernández

“I think it’s the most difficult rally in my life! It’s very hot temperature, it’s not good for the engine, so it’s not very good for us, but we are here, so we are very happy.”

*Subject to confirmation of results by the FIA