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DOWNLOAD THE 2021 PRESENTATION HERE: ERC 2021 Presentation 240221

General, ERC Junior/ERC3 Junior, ERC-MICHELIN Talent Factory enquiries: Petr Linhart,

Abarth Rally Cup: Francesco Italo Senesi,

Clio Trophy by Toksport WRT:

Team contacts (click below to visit individual team websites for more information):

Baumschlager Rallye & Racing (Škoda, Volkswagen) –
BMA Autosport (Hyundai, Škoda) –
C-Rally (Ford) –
Delta Rally (Škoda) –
Eurosol Racing Team (Škoda) –
Hyundai Rally Team Italia (Hyundai) –
Kresta Racing (Škoda) –
Motorsport Italia (Škoda) –
Orsák Rallysport (Ford) –
PCRS Rallysport (Hyundai) –
PrintSport Racing (Škoda, Volkswagen) –
Proracing (Škoda) –
Proracing Competicion (Ford) –
Rallytechnology (Ford, Hyundai, Volkswagen) –
RMC Motorsport (Ford, Hyundai) –
Romo Motorsport Technik (Peugeot, Škoda) –
Sainteloc Racing (Citroën) –
Sports & You (Citroën, Hyundai, Škoda) –
Sports Racing Technologies (Škoda) –
Tagai Racing Technology (Citroën, Škoda) –
TB Racing (Škoda) –
TGS Worldwide (Škoda) –
The Racing Factory (Škoda) –
Toksport WRT (Škoda) –
Topp-Cars (Škoda) –
Wurmbrand-Racing (Citroën) –

JME Racing Engineering Development (Ford) –
Motorsport Italia (Ford) –

ASRT (Peugeot) –
Delta Rally (Peugeot) –
GC Motorsport (Peugeot) –
JME Racing Engineering Development (Ford) –
Mavisa Sport (Peugeot) –
Motorsport Italia (Ford) –
Orsák Rallysport (Ford) –
Proracing Competicion (Ford) –
PT Racing (Peugeot) –
Rallylab (Peugeot) –
RMC Motorsport (Ford) –
Romo Motorsport Technik (Peugeot) –
RSE Team (Ford, Peugeot) –
Sainteloc Racing (Peugeot) –
Stengg Motorsport (Opel, Peugeot) –
Tagai Racing Technology (Peugeot) –
TB Racing (Opel, Peugeot) –
The Racing Factory (Peugeot) –
Toksport WRT (Renault) –
Topp-Cars (Peugeot) –
Wurmbrand-Racing (Peugeot) –

Toksport WRT (Renault) –

RGT, Rally2-Kit, group N
ASRT Rally Team (Mitsubishi) –
Bernini Rally (Abarth) –
Érdi Rallye Team (Mitsubishi) –
Milano Racing (Abarth, Rally2-Kit) –
Proracing (Rally2-Kit, Mitsubishi) –
Prospeed (Mitsubishi) –
RMC Motorsport (Mitsubishi) –
TB Racing (Rally2-Kit) –