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Crash fears not pictured as Melegari gets ready for ERC return

2020-04-07T22:08:09+02:00April 8th, 2020|2020|

Zelindo Melegari is revving up to return to the FIA European Rally Championship once the season gets underway – and insists his crash on Barum Czech Rally Zlín last summer is long forgotten.

Melegari, from Italy, and co-driver Corrado Bonato were injured when they crashed at high speed on the Tarmac event. With both fully recovered, another ERC2 campaign awaits, this time in a Subaru Impreza.

Comeback no problem
“We know that with motorsport there is a risk as is the case with life,” said Melegari, owner of the Movisport driver management company. “But we cannot stop doing things because of this fact, we must continue if we are motivated by the passion for our work, sports or hobbies. If you have an accident at work or in the car in everyday traffic, you don’t change your job or stop traveling by car. This is part of the game. Of course, we need to work on safety in work as much as in sport. But I am not afraid of any effects of the accident. In the last weeks before this pandemic I made a short test in Italy and I truly enjoyed it.”

Hoping for health then happiness
“I would like to win the ERC2 category. It would be a great satisfaction, but I also want to find the right feeling with the car and to be competitive in the category. But really we just hope this pandemic will end as soon as possible with everyone staying healthy.”

Switch to title-winning car confirmed
“In the past years I have used several types of car in the ERC2 category. So, for this year, I have chosen the Subaru Impreza serviced by GB Motors. Perhaps it is not the best performing car, but this is the car I have had the greatest feeling with, the easiest to handle. It was the car of Gianluca Linari, who is also part of the Movisport team, when he won the last Production Cup in the World Rally Championship in 2015.”

Bonato ready to continue partnership
“Corrado has confirmed his participation with me. We have achieved a good feeling together, and he is also looking forward to start the season.”

ERC gives positive feedback
“I really like the ERC and the beautiful and demanding races. Eight races is a perfect number to combine work commitments, and there is a good feeling among everyone, pilots and professionals. The support of Eurosport Events makes this championship with very high media visibility for everyone, we receive important positive feedback from our sponsors, which is a real added value for every participant.”