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Efren Llarena

Date of birth : 26/05/1995

In his first season of international competition in 2018 following his step up from national level as Spain’s Beca Júnior R2 champion, Llarena belied his lack of experience to finish third in the ERC Junior standings. That achievement, a strong one-off in an R5 car and a big potential means Spain’s motorsport federation RFEDA (Real Federación Española de Automovilismo) is continuing to back Llarena and co-driver Sara Fernández under the Rally Team Spain initiative. The talented pairing, who were invited to meet the King of Spain during the off-season, build and maintain rally cars when they’re not competing in them.

2018: 3, ERC3; 3, ERC Junior U27; 1 (3 wins), N5 RMC Cup; 9, Volant PEUGEOT; 13, Spanish Gravel; 13, Spanish; 10, Iberian
2017: 1 (4 wins), Beca Júnior R2; 2 (1 win), Volant PEUGEOT; 7, Spanish Gravel; 25, Spanish
2016: 1 (6 wins), Suzuki Swift Spain; 21, Spanish; 8 (1 win), Volant Peugeot
2015: 5 (1 win), Suzuki Swift Spain; 64, Spanish Gravel
2014: 13, Suzuki Swift Spain; 44, Spanish

Azores Rallye: 14 (1, ERC3; 1, ERC3 Junior)
Rally Islas Canarias: 21 (4, ERC3; 2, ERC3 Junior)
Rally Liepāja: 25 (5, ERC3; 5, ERC3 Junior)
PZM Rally Poland: DNF (accident)
Rally di Roma Capitale: 20 (4, ERC3; 3, ERC3 Junior)
Barum Czech Rally Zlín:
Cyprus Rally:
Rally Hungary:

Azores Airlines Rallye: 16 (2, ERC3; 2, ERC Junior U27)
Rally Islas Canarias: DNF (accident)
Rally di Roma Capitale: 19 (3, ERC3; 3, ERC Junior U27)
Barum Czech Rally Zlín: 37 (7, ERC3; 7, ERC Junior U27)
Rally Poland: 14 (2, ERC3; 2, ERC Junior U27)
Rally Liepāja: DNP (withdrew)