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Easy not pictured: ERC2 leader Remennik braced for tough Acropolis

2018-05-26T23:04:02+02:00May 27th, 2018|2018, EKO Acropolis Rally|

Sergei Remennik will defend his lead of the FIA European Rally Championship’s ERC2 category when the EKO Acropolis Rally takes place from 1-3 June.

But given the tough and demanding nature of the Lamia-based event, Remennik is braced for a tough time in his Russian Performance Motorsport-entered Mitsubishi Lancer.

“This rally is very difficult, one of the hardest rallies in terms of surface, with sharp stones and ruts,” said Remennik, who is co-driven by fellow Russian Mark Rozin. “Finishing here and saving the car on the road is not an easy task.

“Production class cars work well at the races with half the distance of the European round, but it’s much more difficult to drive the rally completely without breakdowns in a N4 category car.

“We go to the Acropolis Rally as the leaders in our class, but there are more participants and this is only an intermediate result. But we do not feel any mental load and of course [leading] is pleasant.”