ERC 55th Azores Rallye: Faster, safer, greener

2021-04-01T14:48:44+02:00April 1st, 2021|2021, 55th Azores Rallye|

The FIA European Rally Championship season-opening 55th Azores Rallye will be “faster, safer and greener”, according to organisers of the spectacular island-based event, which is scheduled to take place from May 6-8.

They have launched a channel on the Sportity application, which is available for iOs or Android smartphones.

In a single application those competing on or following the ERC event can access all sporting information, details of COVID-19 rules and restrictions, the event’s environmental policy, results, links to live streams and more. An alert notifies users when updates become available.

Significantly, the Sportity app eliminates the physical distribution of documents – essential in reducing the spread of COVID-19 – and reduces the ecological footprint of the rally by moving away from printed documentation, which is part of efforts by the Azores Rallye organisers to obtain environmental certification from the FIA.

The Azores Rallye channel on Sportity can be accessed using this code: ERCazores2021.