ERC-bound Rally3: the key facts

2020-03-15T10:05:25+01:00March 14th, 2020|2020|

The FIA Rally Department used the recent World Motor Sport Council meeting in Geneva to provide further details on the Rally3 technical regulations, which are set to be adopted in the FIA European Rally Championship from 2021.

Essentially a Rally4 (formerly R2) car with four-wheel drive, Rally3 is already attracting interest from regions around the world as a replacement for the Group N category, that can appeal to both gentlemen drivers and their career-focused counterparts stepping up from 2WD machinery.

Here are the key facts:

*Manufacturers convert bodyshell from 2WD to 4WD configuration

*Common front and rear parts (wishbones, dampers, brake calipers, etc) to cut costs

*Car width the same as standard production car (not widened as in Rally2)

*Standard bodywork (bumpers and fenders can be bought from local car dealerships)

*Fuel tank simple in shape to reduce costs, positioned higher in car for simple design

*One gearbox ratio set only, two differential ramp angles to lessen engineering input

*Homologated from 1 January, 2021

*Minimum weight set at 1,180 kilograms

*210 bhp balanced by a turbo restrictor

*Price cap of €100,000