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ERC drivers laud flat-out Rally Liepāja stages

2018-10-13T14:23:11+02:00October 13th, 2018|2018, Rally Liepaja|

Rally Liepāja’s flat-out stages have been lauded by the FIA European Rally Championship field, with drivers revelling in the high speed gravel tests.

Referred to as the “Grand Prix of Liepāja” by Lithuanian driver Vytautas Švedas, Latvia’s rally stages are amongst the fastest on the ERC calendar – and the drivers are still itching to go even faster.

“We were always flat out for maybe 3 kilometres,” said ERC Junior Under 28 star Laurent Pellier of the rally’s third stage. “You never brake and, for sure, it’s really fun. But sometimes I would like to be faster and the car can’t do it!”

It’s not only the young stars in R5 cars in awe of the impressive speed. ERC Junior U27 drivers, who run Pirelli-shod front-wheel-drive R2 cars, were similarly impressed by Liepāja’s stages.

“It’s just so extreme, how fast you can go in what seems like tight corners,” said Sindre Furuseth. “I think we need to push in our head and leave our brain in service, then go flat out on the second loop and see what we can do.”

Scandinavian drivers are currently occupying the top four positions in ERC Junior U27, something Stengg Motorsport owner-driver Roland Stengg believes is no coincidence.

“Going flat out seems like part of the culture here. All the Scandinavian guys are really fast. I think we have to keep it going and show some cojones!”