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2021 FIA ERC Junior Championship for Drivers
Driver agreement

Drivers, born on or after 1 January 1993, seeking to enter the 2021 FIA ERC Junior Championship for Drivers are invited to:


(has to be the same competitor than FIA ERC or ERC3 registration)

Team manager
Driver info
Co-driver info
Other info
  • Driver welcome pack : 2 Shirts, 1 cap, 1 Jacket
  • Co-Driver welcome pack : 2 Shirts, 1 cap, 1 Jacket
  • Team welcome pack : 2 flags for service structure
Driver size
Co-driver size
Final prize

Description of the FIA ERC Junior Championship final prize:

The prize for winning the ERC Junior Championship will be full season in Junior WRC following year (valued at €200 000), if the Junior is running a Fiesta Rally3 during his ERC Junior season.

Driver being responsible for:
  • Driver and co-driver travel arrangements
  • Driver and co-driver accommodation
  • Driver and co-driver competition clothing and safety gear
  • Driver and co-driver medical and repatriation insurance
  • Accident damage excess as per JWRC agreement for the season concerned (€20 000)
  • Recce
  • Testing
The winner agrees to take part in a minimum of two media events promoting the prize and their prize drives. Details will be communicated to the winner with as much notice as possible.

The winner agrees to carry ERC Junior branding on their competition car for the duration of both events. The exact size and placing will be advised at a later date but EUROSPORT EVENTS Ltd. will do its utmost to respect the requirements of the winner’s partners/sponsors.

During both events, the winner will be expected to take part in media interviews (including television interviews). They may also be invited to participate in the pre-event press conference.

The winner will be expected to promote the final prize and their participation in the two named events as the prize winner.

Personal profile
Career profile
ASN Programme
Are you part of a national talent programe by your ASN

If yes, please provide contact details of the programe manager

2020 Programme
ERC Record
Plans for 2021

I confirm that I have read and understood the provisions of the FIA’s International Sporting Code and the 2021 FIA Regional Rally Championship Sporting Regulations.

I agree to be bound by them (as supplemented or amended) and furthermore I agree on my own behalf and on behalf of everyone associated with my participation in the 2021 FIA ERC Junior Championship to observe them.

I confirm that I am born on or after 1 January 1993, I have not competed in a WRC event with P1 status and that to the best of my knowledge I am eligible and able to compete in the 2021 FIA ERC Junior Championship.

I agree to all conditions of the final prize.

I agree to pay the registration fee of 1000€ VAT excluded to Eurosport Events limited.

The Applicant acknowledges and agrees that all rights, title and interest in connection with the FIA European Rally Championship, including without limitation all copyrights, database rights, and any and all related rights and neighbouring rights, audio-visual rights, domain name rights, trade name and trade mark rights including “FIA”, “Regional Rally”, “Regional Rally Championship”, “ERC” and “FIA Regional Rally Championship” (and any translation or permutation thereof), together with any associated goodwill vested therein are the exclusive property of the FIA. Any use of such rights by the Applicant other than for the purposes agreed by FIA (or its nominee) in writing is not permitted.

The Applicant also acknowledges and agrees that the FIA and EUROSPORT EVENTS may create and use any recording or replication of the Applicant taking part in events of the FIA European Rally Championship (including the image, logo, livery, colors, name, word mark and likeness of the Applicant’s team, car, uniforms, driver(s) and team members, as well as the name and logos of team sponsors present within Applicant’s livery) in any form without any need for consent, license or payment, for any and all purposes that are in the interest of promoting the FIA European Rally Championship. Such use shall be extended to any broadcaster, media partner, championship sponsor or licensee at the FIA’s and EUROSPORT EVENTS’ sole discretion. Such use shall include (but not be limited to) audio-visual recordings, photographs, all forms of editorial coverage, information guides, promotional items, interactive games and any item featuring the Applicant alongside 2 other participants in the FIA European Rally Championship. EUROSPORT EVENTS shall ensure that such use shall always provide a fair, impartial and accurate representation of the Applicant and not imply or suggest the Applicant’s endorsement of a product or service. The FIA (or its nominee) shall make reasonable efforts to adhering to relevant branding guidelines as may be issued by the Competitor.

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