ERC Junior Kupec calls on rallying community to help injured brother

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FIA ERC Junior Under 27 podium finisher Karel Kupec is calling on the rallying community to help his brother Radomír’s ongoing recuperation from serious injuries sustained in a rally crash earlier this year.

The younger Kupec, who made two ERC Junior U27 appearances in 2017, was badly injured in the crash on Rally Vsetin, an event in his native Czech Republic back in October.

Karel Kupec has now put a temporary halt on his promising driving career to support his brother and family, revealing details of the help that’s needed.

“My younger brother Radomír had a serious crash in the middle of October,” he said. “His head was badly injured and he was very close to death. I would like to thank every rescuer, Vladimir Oscika, Lukas Nekvapil, Roman Koscelnikk and others, who helped to keep him alive until arrival of helicopter. I would like to thank also all rescuers, Dr Hrabalek and his team of neurosurgeons from Fakultni, they gave him a chance to live and didn’t give up. My brother underwent a five hours of operations, where he was fighting for his life. Everybody who knows him, he is big fighter and he doesn’t give up any race.

“The next few weeks were in big uncertainty, he was in deep coma and nobody knew what will happen. At the end of October, he started to wake up and started to react. After that there were another two surgeries. Actually, my brother is in hospital in Sumperk, he did a big step since the accident, but much more difficult way is still in front of him and us. My brother is conscious, he is communicating with us, but he is very tired and weak. Most of the day he is sleeping, but some times per day he is doing rehabilitation and he is trying to train his muscles with a physiotherapist. He is not so strong enough to get up from the bed, but we hope it will come soon. After so strong hit into his head, it is not a surprise he has lapse of memory but most often he is talking about racing, about cars.

“But the next milestone is in front of us. Health care is on very high level in Czech Republic, they have saved his life and did lot of intensive care on him. But there is actually strange situation, because according to the actual situation, he should go to a department where there is one sister for so many patients with almost zero chance for return to normal life.

“We have found a place in private sanatorium in Klimkovice near Ostrava, where he should be moved on the beginning of January. But complex health care is not paid by our health insurance, he will also need some of family member for 24 hours per day. It means costs for health care will be about 3850 per month and all the money will be used for his health care, rehabilitation, health aids, etc. I believe that my brother will be able to improve to the condition when he will be able to see all of you again on the rally.”

Members of the rallying community are being asked to make donations to the fund set up by Karel Kupec, details of which can be found below:

Account number:115-5778970297/0100
IBAN:CZ50 0100 0001155778970297