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ERC legend Elford offers words of support to title-chasing Ingram

2019-11-08T09:26:41+01:00November 8th, 2019|2019, Rally Hungary|

Vic Elford, the first and only British driver to win the FIA European Rally Championship, has sent a message of support to his compatriot Chris Ingram ahead of the season-deciding Rally Hungary.

Elford, who entered 13 Formula One world championship grands prix during a versatile and hugely successful career, took the ERC title in 1967 in a Porsche 911, one year before his victory on Rallye Monte-Carlo in the German machine (pictured).

In his message to Ingram, the ERC title leader starting the Nyíregyháza-based finale, Elford wrote: “There are two things that have amazed me over the last 50-plus years: that no Brit has yet won the ERC title again and no Brit has yet won the Monte Carlo Rally. I wish all the success in the world for Chris to achieve the first one. Get that done and then he can start seriously thinking about the second.”

Elford continued: “Over the years Chris, I drove some awesome cars and the best were usually those where I had a direct input on their set-up, but I also drove some that were not so good. But no matter what, whether it was rally or race, whenever I was asked before an event ‘How do you think you will do?’ My reply was always the same; ‘I am going to win, of course!’ – and on more than one occasion, even though I was driving an outclassed car I was able to force it beyond what it was capable of – and win – because I had already persuaded myself that I would! You do that for me in Hungary and I will be very proud of you!”

Elford, now 84, plans to follow Ingram’s progress during Rally Hungary from his home in the USA.