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ERC Q&A: Emilio Fernandez

2019-09-28T08:17:11+02:00September 28th, 2019|2019, Cyprus Rally|

Chilean Emilio Fernández is gearing up for his FIA European Rally Championship debut this week. This is what the Toksport WRT driver has had to say.

What’s brought you to Cyprus for your ERC debut?
“It was a rally I could fix in my calendar but obviously it’s a difficult rally and I love difficult rallies.”

It’s your first year competing in R5 cars. How are you finding the challenge?
It’s my first year in R5, my second rally outside Chile in this car after I did Estonia. I don’t have too much kilometres so I came here to learn.”

Your Qualifying Stage performance was impressive with the ninth fastest time, but what was your reaction afterwards?
“I was very happy with qualifying, it was a surprise for me. It means I could choose my starting position.”

What’s your objective for the rally?
“The principal objective is to gain more kilometres in this car and we will see. The stages are very nice for me.”

Looking to the future, maybe some ERC next year?
“Maybe next year but I need to make my calendar. If I could add five races here I will but I don’t know.”