ERC Rally Liepaja receives FIA environmental accreditation

2021-11-05T02:15:23+01:00November 5th, 2021|2021, Rally Liepāja|

Rally Liepāja, a fast-paced round of the FIA European Rally Championship, has received a one-star rating within the FIA Action for Environment framework.

The accreditation system address issues of environmental sustainability and further promotion towards global future goals in terms of reduced consumption of resources, reduced generation of waste, wider usage of reusable solutions and waste sorting, as well as extensive secondary usage of resources, and even more goals coping with environmental and social issues.

According to event organiser RA Events, “Rally Liepāja has always considered the open environment the rally takes place and has always done maximum in order to reduce distractions that running of the rally causes for local territories and residents. During the rally, spectators, athletes, and other persons involved in running of the rally were addressed, informed, and encouraged to think about the possibilities each and every one of them has in order to reduce the impact on the environment through their own actions and sustainable decisions.

“After the rally, the spectators’ viewpoints were carefully checked, the waste left by the spectators was collected, as well as the territories used during the rally were all cleaned up. Rally Liepāja also follows global trends, including the FIA ​​Action for Environment framework established under the supervision of the FIA, the main goal of which is sustainability and care for the meaningful use of environmental resources, reduction of pollution, as well as improving the environment in which we all live. Legal and private persons related to motorsports are all invited to participate in the framework – championship organisers, competition organisers, teams, and individual athletes.

“By setting up a special accreditation program, the FIA encourages more and more persons to think about a sustainable future, without postponing specific actions to tomorrow, but taking them today. This year, Rally Liepāja applied for the FIA Action for Environment framework, creating its own Environmental Program, which called on everyone to travel responsibly, respectfully treat property of others, avoid environmental pollution, sort waste, reduce usage of resources, be socially responsible, and make responsible choices for sustainable for life.”

Click HERE for the comments of Raimonds Strokšs, Director of RA Events.