FIA Global Rally Ranking to build bridges for all rally drivers and co-drivers worldwide including ERC aces

2021-11-26T17:53:21+01:00November 26th, 2021|2021|

The FIA is delighted to announce the forthcoming launch of the FIA Global Rally Ranking, a project supported by the FIA Innovation Fund.

New for 2022, with an inaugural publication in the first quarter of the year, the FIA Global Rally Ranking will compare the results of drivers and co-drivers on events at international, regional and national level competing in cars from the FIA Rally Cars Pyramid, which will strengthen the links within the rally community worldwide.

Drivers and co-drivers will be ranked using a calculation formula based on a championship coefficient system, which also takes into account overall position points and class points linked to the number of starters per event.

As is the case in other sports such as tennis and golf, there will be no winner, but a new ranking each week. The FIA Global Rally Ranking will be published at 18h00 CET every Wednesday at with drivers and co-drivers striving to reach and remain at the top.

The results of rallies registered on the FIA international calendar taking place from October 15, 2021, and national events from January 1, 2022, will be included in the FIA Global Rally Ranking calculation. The results of an eligible rally are factored in during the 365 days following the publication of the official classification. Only the best 12 results by a driver and co-driver will be considered during a 365-day period.

ASNs can designate up to two national championships according to eligibility criteria detailed in the FIA Global Rally Ranking Regulations 10 days prior to an event taking place. They also reserve the right for a national championship to no longer be included in the FIA Global Rally Ranking providing a 90-day notice is given. Drivers and co-drivers also have the right not to be listed. While they will be invisible, their points will continue to be attributed.

Yves Matton, FIA Rally Director, said: “The FIA Global Rally Ranking will provide a great opportunity to highlight the achievements of all eligible drivers and co-drivers but also showcase events on a worldwide basis. It’s been a long-standing ambition at the FIA to create tangible links within the rally family at international, regional and national level, particularly when we consider most cars are eligible at all levels, such as Rally2. Furthermore, many drivers are competing in multiple championships, while rally is one of the few sports where it’s possible for amateur crews to compete on the same events as their idols.

“By launching the FIA Global Rally Ranking, we are also strengthening the FIA Rally Sporting Pyramid and FIA Rally Cars Pyramid, which provide a clear ladder of progression from the grassroots to the very top of the sport. With FIA championships and FIA-sanctioned events receiving a greater points-weighting, we hope more drivers and co-drivers will compete within the FIA framework, that they will do so more often and that more rally organisers will consider running FIA-sanctioned events.

“Underpinning the FIA Global Rally Ranking is a bespoke software system that not only calculates the results with complete accuracy, but guarantees the rankings are presented on time each week using a platform that’s totally reliable and easy to understand. The support of the FIA Innovation Fund has been integral in the realisation of this project.”

The first FIA Global Rally Ranking will be published in the first quarter of 2022. Click here to view the ranking’s regulations.