From testing hell to seventh heaven in ERC for Tarabus

2019-08-22T00:03:25+02:00August 31st, 2019|2019, Barum Czech Rally Zlín|

Jaromír Tarabus went from this testing crash (above) to placing seventh in the FIA European Rally Championship-counting Barum Czech Rally Zlín recently.

Once a podium finisher in the ERC, Tarabus explained what went wrong during a test on Tuesday before the rally.

“There was very slippery Tarmac, absolutely like glass or liquid,” said Tarabus, who is co-driven by Daniel Trunkát. “We hadn’t perfectly prepared the brakes, we lost the grip and at almost no speed we go onto the roof. It was a pity because we wanted to find the set-up for the car, but we had no chance. But we were lucky we could be here.”

Photo supplied by Jaromír Tarabus