Good start but Radstrom experiences mixed emotions on ERC debut

2020-08-03T16:25:53+02:00August 1st, 2020|2020, Rally di Roma Capitale|

Dennis Rådström’s FIA ERC3 Junior Championship debut turned into a case of what might have been after an early delay dropped him out of contention.

After showing promising initial pace in his all-new Ford Fiesta Rally4, the Swede was soon out of luck on Rally di Roma Capitale.

“It all started well on Saturday with a good time in the first split,” Rådström said. “But we had a front-right puncture from where I don’t know. We were really big eyes on the recce to see where to cut, where to not cut. I didn’t know I had a puncture on turning so we went in a ditch on a left corner and broke the steering arm.”

Co-driven by Johan Johansson, Rådström was rapid when he returned to the action on leg two with a succession of top three stage times.

“It was a very fun second day but it was frustrating also because the guys in front were in a big fight and pushing to the maximum,” he said. “We were also pushed but didn’t really find the setting of the car, struggling in the corners a lot. In the last stage we did major changes, too late of course, and we felt directly. We didn’t have the chance to show the speed but it was big learning.”

Photo: Vandraq Studio