Hungary for ERC: Norbert Herczig Q&A

2021-10-19T09:10:30+02:00October 19th, 2021|2021, Rally Hungary|

One of the leading contenders for home glory in the FIA European Rally Championship, Norbert Herczig is a four-time national champion who will fly the flag of Škoda Rally Team Hungaria on Rally Hungary alongside co-driver Ramón Ferencz. This is what the three-time ERC podium finisher has had to say.

How excited are you to be competing on Rally Hungary?
“We are excited of course because we were wating a lot from the beginning of the season for our home race. We have started this rally two times before and therefore we have a quite good experience, so we would like to reach the podium.”

What makes you think you can finish on the podium?
“I think that our speed has become quite good this season because we have been able to do more testing this season and therefore we have trust in a good result.”

How difficult is Rally Hungary and what are the main challenges you face as a driver?
“It has been very difficult in the past because of the weather, that made the road dirty with mud on the stages. Also there was gravel in some parts and it was possible to get a puncture. This year the organisers have taken out more gravel parts from the itinerary.”

What have you done to prepare for Rally Hungary?
“We are planning a longer Tarmac test and I am sure that we will be able to find good set-up options for the rally.”

Your son Patrik is also registered for the ERC. How proud are you of him and what is his level?
“I am a very proud of my son of course. He’s very excited because of the new car he will drive, the Renault Clio Rally4, and the new team he will drive for, Toksport WRT. But I asked from him just one thing to please just enjoy the driving and do not think about the results because he still has time as he’s a rookie boy in this sport.”

Will you have time to help him on the rally and what advice will you give to him?
“Before the race we will speak discuss some things and we will watch together the onboards. Fortunately, he has a little experience from the stages because he already started on this rally in the last year. But on the rally I will not be able to help him because I must deal with my own rally.”