Hungary for ERC: Scandola set for latest challenge “with attention and great determination”

2021-10-19T22:43:07+02:00October 19th, 2021|2021, Rally Hungary|

Umberto Scandola heads to Hungary for the latest chapter of his FIA European Rally Championship adventure this week mindful of the challenge in store.

Scandola, part of the Hyundai Rally Team Italia attack, has never competed on the Nyíregyháza event before. But armed with a Hyundai i20 R5 on Pirelli tyres, the former Italian champion has what it takes to shine on Rally Hungary.

“We will face this new challenge with attention and great determination,” said Scandola. “After a couple of rallies on gravel we are back on the Tarmac, but with a grip situation made difficult by the sections in the undergrowth and by the continuous cuts that will dirty the surface making it slippery. If it rains it will be even more complicated, but we are ready with different set-up solutions and Pirelli tyres.

“I watched the test films to prepare for the reconnaissance and I noticed that there are many points where you will shift into fourth and fifth gear with a very high average speed. We will have to be very precise in writing the notes because the slightest distraction will not be allowed to the detriment of the stopwatch. This year I raced a lot with my i20 and I got to know the car and the tyres well, this makes me optimistic for a good final result after the first kilometres of adapting to the race.”