Hungary for ERC: The route in short

2021-10-19T20:02:21+02:00October 18th, 2021|2021, Rally Hungary|

With top drivers and teams from the FIA European Rally Championship preparing to contest Rally Hungary later this week, here’s a reminder of the challenge in store.

Friday October 22: There’s no time to rest on Rally Hungary with the opening superspecial at the Rabócsiring rallycross track in Máriapócs taking place at the end of a busy day, which begins with a morning of reconnaissance followed by Free Practice, the Qualifying Stage and shakedown, which is for non-priority drivers. Crews will assemble outside Nyíregyháza’s city hall for the ceremonial start from 18h00 local time ahead of SSS Rabócsiring getting underway at 19h03.

Saturday October 23: After Friday night’s action at the Rabócsiring, Saturday begins with the first of two visits to Újhuta at 09h05. It’s off to Füzér-Abaújvár next, the most northerly stage of the event and the longest at 23.50 kilometres, followed by the signature Mád-Disznókő stage through the vineyards. After service in Nyíregyháza, the morning stages are repeated in the afternoon with the first car due at end-of-day service at 17h18. SS4, Mád-Disznókő 1, and SS6, Füzér-Abaújvár, are both due to be shown live on Facebook and YouTube.

Sunday October 24: The first of three visits to the 13.50-kilometre Erdőbénye test is up first on Sunday’s deciding leg. Located northwest of Nyíregyháza, the 13.50-kilometre stage is followed by the 10.85 kilometres of Fóny, which is also used three times during the day. A single run through the Nyíregyháza-Városi test, a 5.78-kilometre street stage, is next with double visits to Erdőbénye and Fóny providing the challenge in the afternoon after midday service in Nyíregyháza. The finish is scheduled at 19h04 outside Nyíregyháza’s city hall. SS11 (Erdőbénye 2), SS13 (Erdőbénye 3) and the stopline of SS14 (Fóny 3) are live on Facebook and YouTube.

Click HERE to view the event itinerary.