M-Sport’s Woda on Torn’s “outstanding achievement” in ERC

2020-12-08T00:30:08+01:00December 8th, 2020|2020|

Maciej Woda, the M-Sport Poland Team Director, has praised Ken Torn following the Estonian’s FIA European Rally Championship title double**.

Subject to final confirmation, Torn, who was co-driven by fellow Estonian Kauri Pannas, is the winner of the ERC3 and ERC3 Junior titles for 2020 in a Pirelli-equipped Ford Fiesta Rally4 from M-Sport Poland and run by Orsák Rally Sport.

“This is an absolutely outstanding achievement for Ken, Kauri, everybody at M-Sport Poland,” said Woda. “Ken came back to the ERC3 championship this year with huge speed and determination, but it was well balanced with a maturity he should be really proud of. He was able to get straight into his Fiesta Rally4 and deliver leading performances on every single rally.

“There was a lot of anticipation about which new Rally4 car would emerge on top in ERC3 this year. I think we proved with conviction that the Fiesta Rally4 isn’t just competitive on the different surfaces and conditions we faced, it is capable of winning.

“I am so proud of the achievements we made as a team this year, winning in Rome, a podium lockout in Liepāja and an incredible victory in Hungary. I want to thank everybody in Krakow for all of their hard work this year, it’s paid off so far so let’s keep pushing and look forward.

“I would like to also say a huge thank you to ERC, Eurosport Events and the FIA for delivering a championship in such difficult circumstances, they are a credit to this sport and we are so grateful for the hard work and effort they put in to make this season happen.”

**Subject to confirmation of the final results