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New season, new co-driver: the ERC drivers making a change for 2020

2020-04-08T16:16:58+02:00April 8th, 2020|2020|

Several FIA European Rally Championship drivers are changing co-drivers for 2020. While it’s a new partnership for some, for others it’s the revival of a previous relationship. Here are four examples.

Eyvind Brynildsen
Ilka Minor’s only previous experience co-driving Brynildsen ended in a huge crash on Rally Liepāja in 2018. But the pair are reunited for 2020. “Ilka is one of the best co-drivers in the world. She’s really easy to be with inside the car, she’s not having any habits, she don’t have to eat in a nice restaurant every day, she can eat sausage one day and beef the next day.”

Emma Falcón
With previous co-driver Eduardo González no longer available, Falcón has recruited Cándido Carrera. He’s best known for his partnership with José Suárez, which included a six-event ERC1 Junior Championship campaign with the Peugeot Rally Academy in 2017. “Cándido has a lot of international experience and we are very excited with the season that we have ahead,” Falcón said.

Alexey Lukyanuk
After Alexey Arnautov announced he’d be taking a break from competing, Lukyanuk needed a replacement and appointed Dmitry Emereev. “Dmitriy is a strong choice,” said Lukyanuk. “We’ve had some pacenote training and we made quite good steps with our preparation. I am pretty confident we will come to the first event well prepared and ready to deliver good results from the first stages.”

Bruno Magalhães
With Hugo Magalhães forming a new partnership for 2020, Bruno Magalhães has called up former co-driver Carlos Magalhães for his ERC return. “Hugo didn’t know about this project when he decided to go with another driver. I decide to go with Carlos Magalhães because, as you know, to be my co-driver the name needs to be Magalhães! I talked with Carlos to make the project and he’s very excited because last year he just made one rally.”

Pictured from left to right are Carlos Magalhães and Bruno Magalhães