M-Sport Poland's new Fiesta Rally4 coming to ERC

2020-03-16T22:23:00+01:00March 16th, 2020|2020|

M-Sport Poland has introduced its new Ford Fiesta Rally4, which is set for service in the FIA European Rally Championship this season.

According to M-Sport Poland, the company’s latest two-wheel-drive offering comes with more power from the Ford EcoBoost engine, improved gear ratios, better handling and a new aggressive appearance.

It’s the first car from M-Sport Poland that falls in line with the FIA Rally Pyramid, which sets out a clear structure from grassroots to the top of the sport – and is a development of the Kraków-based firm’s hugely successful Fiesta R2T from 2019.

In other improvements, the 999cc turbocharged Ford EcoBoost engine has been optimised with increases in power and torque delivering 210 bhp and 315 Nm respectively.

M-Sport Poland has also worked on improving gear ratios and strengthening driveshafts to better handle the delivery of the increased power and torque.

The Fiesta Rally4’s cooling system will benefit from the addition of bonnet vents, a lighter exhaust will be fitted, while the suspension has been enhanced.

Existing Fiesta R2T models can be fitted with a Ford Fiesta Rally2 upgrade kit available to order from 1 April.

M-Sport Poland’s Maciej Woda said: “With so many [R2] cars distributed and kilometres covered, the engineering team at our base in Kraków was able to quickly identify a development strategy thanks to the constructive feedback received from a huge pool of drivers from a variety of backgrounds.”

M-Sport Managing Director Malcolm Wilson said: “M-Sport and Ford have always been at the forefront when it comes to supporting all levels of the sport, and we’re constantly developing our product range to provide a cost-effective and competitive route from grass-root to top-level rallying. As the FIA’s new Rally Pyramid becomes more identifiable, we plan to have a car to represent every level.”