Petter Solberg: The ERC is good for the TV and for the young guys to make their names

2020-09-04T01:20:30+02:00September 2nd, 2020|2020, Rally Liepāja|

Former world champion Petter Solberg has highlighted some of the key benefits of an FIA European Rally Championship campaign.

Speaking after watching his 18-year-old son Oliver win Rally Liepāja for a second year running last month, Solberg Sr is convinced that the ERC is the right place to be for young drivers aiming for the sport’s highest level.

“It’s very good TV, for the young guys to build their names and it’s good publicity,” said Solberg. “They need to be seen more and the ERC is fantastic for that to get sponsors to continue further. For sure Oliver’s dream is to do more world championship rallies but this championship works well for him and his sponsors are happy and that’s the main thing.”

Alexey Lukyanuk heads the overall ERC title battle after two rounds. Zelindo Melegari tops the ERC2 standings. Oliver Solberg and Ken Torn are ahead in ERC1 Junior and ERC3/ERC3 Junior respectively, while Andrea Mabellini and Martin Rada have both won in the Abarth Rally Cup.