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Pushing comes after experience for Gryazin in ERC

2019-08-09T07:28:28+02:00August 7th, 2019|2019, Barum Czech Rally Zlín|

Nikolay Gryazin wants to avoid a “pushing race” when he takes up his second prize drive from promoter Eurosport Events for winning the FIA ERC1 Junior title in 2018 on Barum Czech Rally Zlín next week.

After crashing out of the lead on Rally di Roma Capitale last month, Gryazin is back in action on Barum Czech Rally Zlín eager to up his asphalt running and refine the set-up of his Sports Racing Technologies-run ŠKODA Fabia R5 for Germany’s world championship rally the following week.

“Because we are using this [second prize drive] to prepare for Germany, it will not be like a pushing race for us, but we will try to manage our set-up,” said the Russian, who has graduated to world level for this season following his success in the ERC. “In Rally di Roma Capitale we were trying to push but after our crash we were not able to set up the car so at the start in Barum I will be more cautious to gain some improvements.”

This will be Gryazin’s fourth start in Zlín and traditionally one of the toughest he encounters each season.

“For us it’s not easy, a really tricky and bumpy rally, and if it’s raining it’s especially not easy. You have a wide road sometimes then the narrow parts, which are in the forest and dirty – it almost feels like you are driving on gravel. You need to have a good set-up for this type of Tarmac because it’s not like any other rallies.”

He continued: “Barum is a really iconic race with lots of spectators and competitors who are not easy to beat. Hopefully we can be on the same level as the leaders but with guys like Alexey Lukyanuk and Jan Kopecký it’s not easy.”