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ERC champion Alexey Lukyanuk's Cyprus survival guide

2019-09-28T08:13:48+02:00September 27th, 2019|2019, Cyprus Rally|

The Cyprus Rally is widely considered one of the toughest stage rallies on the planet, thanks to its rough, rock-strewn roads with never-ending sequences of corners and baking-hot temperatures. This is reigning FIA European Rally champion Alexey Lukyanuk’s guide to making it through the Nicosia-based event.

Be strong:
AL: “For some, [the rally is physically demanding] maybe. But I am strong, I am fit, and I am ready!”

The heat is on:
AL: “The heat is not that dramatic. We had a pretty intensive test day and I spent maybe six hours in the car, because it was an official test and we had a really big queue before the start of each run. So we were sitting like 20 minutes sometimes just waiting in the sun. In the evening, I was OK, ready to run two to three kilometres, maybe more, so I hope it will be good for me.”

Drink plenty:
AL: “Water and some minerals are quite essential for good performance here. We have some stuff in the team, so we will mix it and prepare for the camel [drinks] bag.”

Stay light:
AL: “We eat nothing heavy: no potatoes, no sauce. Chicken and rice should be fine.”

Follow your pacenotes:
AL: “We know what to expect but the stages are really long, like 20 kilometres, and there are no straights, no time to think or rest, just left-right-right-left. But the pace should be there. Hopefully the pacenotes work, because it’s not possible to predict anything. Almost every second corner is blind and it’s almost exactly the same as the previous corner, so it’s easy to get lost and lose the pace if you don’t follow your pacenotes.”

Get ready, it’s going to be rough:
AL: “This is the roughest Cyprus I’ve experienced. It was a surprise when we saw the stages on the recce. It’s quite different, in some places it’s like Greece in previous years, but it’s not like Cyprus has been before. It’s a new Cyprus for us!”