Remennik vows: I’ll be back (in the ERC)

2019-07-08T01:44:26+02:00July 7th, 2019|2019, PZM 76th Rally Poland|

Sergei Remennik hopes to return to the FIA European Rally Championship later this season after work commitments prevented him from contesting last month’s PZM 76th Rally Poland.

ERC2 contender Remennik had planned an entry on the all-gravel event, only for his increasingly busy schedule to prevent him from doing so.

“I’m overloaded with my business now; I’ve put it aside as long as I could to participate in the rallies this year,” said Russian Remennik. “I planned to start working projects after the season finish, but life has the upper hand, and I have to plunge deeper into these projects today. They require my immediate participation – the market situation dictates its own conditions and the process will not move anywhere without my intervention.”

Remennik, who is planning a training programme in London in September, said: “Work and training give us a full load, we also need time for our families, so we had to optimize our schedules and sacrifice rally. We don’t say goodbye to the European Rally Championship, I think that I’ll be able to drive a few more races this year.”