SEAJETS reflects on ERC successes with Ingram and Lukyanuk

2019-11-15T13:10:39+01:00November 15th, 2019|2019, Rally Hungary|

SEAJETS, which has one of the largest high-speed vessel fleets in the world, has savoured another successful season associated with the FIA European Rally Championship and drivers Chris Ingram and Alexey Lukyanuk.

With support from SEAJETS, Ingram claimed the prestigious FIA title with Lukyanuk finishing a close runner-up on Rally Hungary’s final-round decider last weekend.

Marios Iliopoulos, SEAJETS’ Head of Strategic Planning and Development, who actively and successfully participates in motorsport competitions (he was once again the Greek hillclimb champion in the racing saloon category) said: “All of us at SEAJETS are very happy to support this great sporting event in motorsport this year as well and congratulate Chris Ingram and Alexey Lukyanuk for their outstanding performance.SEAJETS, along with Chris and Alexey, are the frontrunners in the European championship, celebrating with them the first and second place.

“Success for us is the way forward, so remaining attached to our vision, we commit to keep supporting in the future the leading institutions and athletes that promote excellence, diligence and discipline, principles and values that characterise our entire activity.”

 Ingram said: “Many thanks to Marios Iliopoulos and SEAJETS for supporting us. We have become the first British crew to win the FIA European Rally Championship in 50 years. A dream came true!”