WRC ORLEN 80th Rally Poland
Starts: Thursday, June 27, 2024 at 8:00:00 AM
ERC Delfi Rally Estonia
Starts: Friday, July 5, 2024 at 6:00:00 AM
Ferratum World RX of Sweden 1
Starts: Saturday, July 6, 2024 at 6:00:00 AM

Sat 19 Feb 2022

ERC countdown continues as Fafe timings are revealed

With the start of the 2022 FIA European Rally Championship just weeks away, here are the key timings for Rally Serras de Fafe – Felgueiras – Cabreira e Boticas.

Free Practice (for priority drivers): 13h00-14h00, Lagoa (3.04 kilometres)
Qualifying Stage (for priority drivers): 15h00, Lagoa (3.04 kilometres)
Shakedown (for non-priority drivers): 16h30-18h30, Lagoa (3.04 kilometres)
Start Order Selection: 18h00, Pavilhão Multiusos, Fafe
Start: 21h03, Rua Angelo Medon, Fafe
SS1: Fafe Super Special Stage (1.43kms), 21h08

Service A: Fafe, 07h27
SS2: Boticas 1 (15.05kms), 09h00
SS3: Cabeceiras de Basto 1 (10.84kms), 10h17
SS4: Vieira do Minho 1 (16.93kms), 11h20
SS5: Luílhas 1 (11,86kms), 12h20
Regrouping in/out: Praça Mártires do Fascismo, 12h59/13h14
Service B: Fafe, 13h21
SS6: Boticas 2 (15.05kms), 15h09
SS7: Cabeceiras de Basto 2 (10.84kms), 16h26
SS8: Vieira do Minho 2 (16.93kms), 17h29
SS9: Luílhas 2 (11.86kms), 18h29
Technical zone in/out: Praça Mártires do Fascismo, 19h08/19h18
Service C: Fafe, 19h25

Service D: Fafe, 07h22
SS10: Montim 1 (8.73kms), 08h08
SS11: Seixoso 1 (9.97kms), 08h40
SS12: Santa Quitéria 1 (9.18kms), 09h15
SS13: Lameirinha 1 (14.83kms), 10h08
Regrouping in/out: Praça Mártires do Fascismo, 10h48/11h12
Service E: Fafe, 11h19
SS14: Montim 2 (8.73kms), 12h20
SS15: Seixoso 2 (9.97kms), 12h52
SS16: Santa Quitéria 2 (9.18kms), 13h27
Regrouping in/out: Praça Mártires do Fascismo, 14h03/14h39
SS17: Lameirinha 2 Power Stage (14.83kms), 15h08
Finish: Fafe, 15h47