Sat 02 Apr 2022

Hard work continues for Team MRF Tyres

Six days after MRF Tyres’ first ever FIA European Rally Championship (ERC) victory at the Azores Rallye, the team is still riding high.

How could they not be?

The odd-defying drive from Efrén Llarena and Sara Fernández to pinch victory from Ricardo Moura on the very last stage was a sign of years of hard work paying off for the Indian tyre giant. 

Previous seasons saw Dani Sordo and Craig Breen both come close to glory in MRF-shod machinery, but it was Llarena who got the job done around two years on from the squad’s ERC debut in 2020. 

“It was just an emotional rollercoaster for the entire team, right from the people who build the tyres to everybody else in Team MRF Tyres,” lauded team representative Vivek Ponnusamy. 

“For the technical team, the marketing team, the management and everybody -  especially Efrén and Sara. They have all done such a fantastic job.

“As soon as we arrived from the Asia-Pacific Rally Championship to Europe, we were very focused and serious. The support from the company was there from the start and here we are, I would say after four years.” he added. 

The battle of the tyre manufacturers is proving to be a huge spectacle so far this year, with Michelin and Pirelli also vying for glory. 

It’s not just about winning rallies, though. The ERC calendar offers the perfect testing ground for competitive rubber, and Ponnusamy explained that MRF would not be resting on its laurels.  

“Our aim, to be honest, is not competing against them,” he said. “Our aim is to do our job right and do our product right. More than that, do our customer service right to our drivers, co-drivers and the team managers. 

“Our aim as MRF is to provide the best product and the best customer service. That's our motto and that's how we will remain.

“The engineers were already designing the next one in service,” he continued. “In the pouring rain with the tents almost flying off into the ocean, they're working on the next development which we will be testing very soon. 

“Our focus is very customer-oriented - we want to look after the people and their need. That is how we are and we are committed for the long run. We want to do the best.”

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