Mon 04 Jul 2022

Sesks: I want to enjoy this moment

Sheer domination. That’s one way you could describe Mārtiņš Sesks’ victory at Tet Rally Liepāja on Sunday afternoon.

To be honest, we’ve run out of superlatives. Never before had somebody won every stage of an FIA European Rally Championship (ERC) round, until now. 

There are, unsurprisingly, some question marks surrounding Sesks’ next steps. Last weekend was, as far as we know, a one-off. Nothing was ever guaranteed after Liepāja and he could still return to an ERC Open-specification Fabia for the remaining rounds.

But what is next? Will he be back in Team MRF Tyres’ top-flight squad for Rally di Roma Capitale later this month? We’ll have to wait and see. 

It’s very rare for a rally driver to take their first-ever win in the city they were born and raised in. And for now, Sesks wants to savour that memory. 

“I just want to live in this moment right now,” he told “I want to enjoy this day and whatever happens next will come tomorrow, or next week, or whenever. 

“This win was quite incredible to be honest. Starting from the first stage, I was nervous about how things would be because usually my home rally has not been the best one for me. 

“MRF - well, they never stop developing and they have been supporting me so much. I am really proud to drive with them and obviously it’s a really great result for the team,” he added.

Tet Rally Liepāja: Event Recap

There were a number of times when Sesks arrived at the end of stages critiquing his own driving. Things like, ‘I was a little too cautious’ or ‘I made a few mistakes’. 

He believes the secret to his unbeatable pace was simple - enjoyment. 

 “Saturday and Sunday were just magic,” he explained. I was just focusing on my driving and it was pure joy in every stage, basically. 

“I was within my comfort zone all of the time. It just turned out that this zone was fast, and it was fast enough to win. Honestly, I was just enjoying the drive.” 

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