Tue 02 May 2023

M-Sport Poland uses ERC to demo upgraded Fiesta Rally3

M-Sport Poland will use this week’s FIA European Rally Championship-counting Rally Islas Canarias to show what it has described as a “comprehensive performance update” of its Ford Fiesta Rally3.

It has recruited Jon Armstrong to pilot the Rally3 Evo, which features new exterior styling including a new rear wing, on the all-asphalt event from 4 - 6 May.

Other upgrades have been made to the damper specifications for both gravel and Tarmac use. The front brake ducts have also been revamped to allow for improved cooling, while drivers will benefit from the availability of a short-ratio gearbox, which has been designed to improve the car’s “acceleration and enhances the powertrain's torque delivery at lower vehicle speed”, according to M-Sport Poland.  

M-Sport Poland head Maciej Woda said: “Rally3 is a very important category, not just for M-Sport Poland, but for the entire sport. We have had extremely positive feedback from customers around the world about the Fiesta Rally3 since its launch. Some of the results have been truly impressive too with the car taking overall event victories and fighting at the sharp end of some very competitive national championships.

“The intention is that the Fiesta Rally3 Evo helps our customers when fighting for their championships. This year we will face competition in the Rally3 category from another manufacturer which we are very much looking forward too. This is competition though. We want to make sure we are doing everything we can to make sure the Fiesta Rally3 Evo is the most competitive product available on the market and this comprehensive update underlines that.

“Make no mistake either, development is a continuous process with all cars produced by M-Sport Poland as we are always seeking to push the boundaries of what’s possible with our cars.”

According to Woda’s Krakow-based company, the “Fiesta Rally3 Evo is a result of close to two years of research and development conducted by M-Sport Poland using data collected during extensive test programmes and at the top level of the sport in the FIA World Rally Championship and FIA European Rally Championship.

“It underlines M-Sport Poland’s commitment to keeping the Fiesta Rally3 Evo at the top of its category while continuing to deliver giant-killing performances in championships around the world. This commitment is part of M-Sport Poland’s desire to continuously develop the Fiesta Rally3 Evo, ensuring customers experience the full potential of their cars.”

M-Sport Poland has summarised the Fiesta Rally3 Evo’s key features as follows:

Exterior styling: New bonnet, front bumper, wing mirrors, LED head lights and tail lights. New front bumper design “has resulted in a 60 per cent increase on the air intake area for the cooling package, enhancing the efficiency of the Fiesta Rally3 cooling system”.

Lighter wing mirrors have also been introduced, with the smaller design “making them less vulnerable to damage while openings in the bonnet were adapted to the new look of the car. Low-light visibility has been improved significantly too with new LED headlights, and optional Lazer lamp pods, illuminating the road more effectively in all conditions”.

Rear wing: The new rear wing, common with the Fiesta Rally2, “yields aerodynamic performance improvements and provides the Fiesta Rally3 Evo with a sleek yet aggressive appearance helping to complement to the new look of the car”.

Gearbox: The short ratio gearbox implemented in the upgrade package “improves the car’s acceleration and enhances the powertrain's torque delivery at lower vehicle speed”.  

Gravel dampers: The updated specification “allows for more precision and stability, particularly in bumpy and rutted stages with improved road contact under high compression loads while maintaining the traction properties of the previous specification”.

Tarmac Dampers: The updated specification “improves the damping characteristics towards the end of the damper’s compression travel, reducing sharp impacts. The increased compression allows for more precision and stability, improving road contact on bumpy surfaces while enhancing the vehicle’s traction capabilities”.

Front brake ducts: The new “highly-efficient front brake air ducts significantly improve brake cooling compared to the previous version”.

Rally3 was launched by the FIA, motorsport’s world governing body, for the 2021 season as a more accessible and more affordable route into four-wheel-drive competition. A key element of the FIA Rally Cars Pyramid, Rally3 has been embraced by national and regional championships around the world with the Fiesta Rally3 used as the base car in the FIA Junior WRC Championship. Renault has recently launched its Fiesta-rivalling Clio Rally3


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