Fri 06 Oct 2023

No rain please, says co-driver Bán ahead of home ERC round

Viktor Bán is keeping his fingers crossed for a dry Rally Hungary, the deciding round of the 2023 FIA European Rally Championship.

Bán is co-driving Miklós Csomós for the third time on the ERC and the Hungarian crew are among the favourites to win their home event.


While the initial weather forecast was for dry and sunny conditions, there is now a 70 per cent possibility of rain on Sunday, according to local predictions.


“Rain is not a problem but we hope it’s still sunshine on Sunday,” said Bán. “We would like to use the R5 Pirelli tyre because we feel confident with this tyre and that’s why we want the sunshine here.”

Csomós and Bán prepared for Rally Hungary with a dominant victory on HELL Diósgyőr Rally last weekend.


“We put everything together on this rally and now we feel very good in the car and with the set-up it’s very good,” said Csomós. “We hope everything will be good and we’re waiting for the start very much now. I feel some pressure but it’s the normal pressure, maybe it’s a little bit more but we have to manage it now. We hope we can win, if we have no problems we can be good.”

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