Sun 30 Jun 2024

Sesks: ERC helped stunning Rally1 debut

Mārtiṇš Sesks said experience gained competing in the FIA European Rally Championship helped him to a stunning fifth-place finish on his debut in the FIA World Rally Championship’s top level in Poland today.

Sesks, who ran as high as second early on ORLEN 80th Rally Poland, was driving a non-hybrid M-Sport Ford Puma Rally1 in a deal brokered and supported by WRC Promoter, which promotes both the ERC and WRC.   

“Of course [my career] started from Junior ERC, then Junior WRC and now ERC to WRC, I’ve stepped on every ladder. We took experience from there to here, it’s a good training school,” said Sesks, who will be back on ERC duty with Team MRF Tyres in Estonia this week.  

Sesks was also quick to acknowledge the support of WRC Promoter. He said: “Without Peter [Thul] and WRC Promoter we wouldn’t be here today and it’s a great, great pleasure to be driving here and big thanks to their support for trusting in us, that was very important.   “We did it quite steadily, we didn’t need to rush anywhere. We could have gone faster but this weekend was not the time for it, we were here to learn, our time will come.”

Peter Thul, WRC Promoter’s senior director for sport, said: “It’s absolutely incredible what he made out of the occasion he had, especially to see how good he is in points of nerves,  he got all the pressure, but he handled it and it was so enjoyable to see how much fun he had. He was so quick on the stages and I can’t wait to see what he can do in a few weeks on Tet Rally Latvia] when he has the full-spec hybrid car.”  

Thul continued: “This opportunity for young drivers is exactly what we want, whether it’s ERC or WRC2 drivers we have to bridge the gap and this idea of using non-hybrid cars makes it easier to start with. Mārtiṇš told me he learned the aero, he learned the power and in Liepāja who will have the hybrid power and I am curious what the result will be. But we like to support this activity with the manufacturers and there’s much more to come. I hope next year we get more young drivers on the stages.”  

Looking ahead to Delfi Rally Estonia, which takes place from 5 -7 July, Sesks said: “We have one rest day and then we go testing again. We will see what we can do on the rally but for sure we have some confidence from here.”

Starts: Thursday, July 18, 2024 at 4:31:00 AM
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