Sesks: I could have won ERC Junior in Latvia

Sesks: I could have won ERC Junior in Latvia

28/10/2017 12:00

Mārtiņš Sesks reckons he could have won the FIA ERC Junior Under 27 category on Rally Liepāja had it not been for his time-consuming roll on the opening day of the gravel event.

The Liepāja-based teenager was making his first start of of the ERC season in his native Latvia and showed plenty of pace in his Peugeot 208 R2, eventually finishing second in class to winner and new champion Chris Ingram.

“We could do better but the result after the roll is still quite good,” Sesks, an ERC Junior Experience participant, said afterwards. “We had good speed all weekend and I am pleased with our result. When I rolled I just came a bit too early, just 10 centimetres too early into the corner. It was muddy on the inside and the wheel just spun there and we rolled over. At the first moment I thought it was a heavy crash. I jumped out of the car and realised we could continue.”

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