Sunday on ERC Rally di Roma Capitale

2021-07-24T23:12:56+02:00July 25th, 2021|2021, Rally di Roma Capitale|

Two loops of three stages, plus a third visit to the day-opening Fiuggi – Guarcino test make up Sunday’s deciding action on Rally di Roma Capitale, round three of the 2021 FIA European Rally Championship.

It’s an early wake-up call with SS7, which covers 19.87 kilometres, due to get underway at 07h45 local time. The stage begins in Fiuggi and incorporates Guarcino, a Rally di Roma Capitale classic, and includes three notable changes of rhythm, jumps and a high-speed section towards the finish.

Collepardo – Civita is next up from 08h36 with the 10.62-kilometre layout a new addition to the itinerary. It’s technical with numerous hairpins.

Santopadre – Arpino is located southeast of Fiuggi and is the rally’s longest stage at 21.17 kilometres with the first pass due to begin at 09h49. Identical to the route used for the last two years, the stage begins with a twisty section on high-grip asphalt for approximately 3.5 kilometres. The next 4.5 kilometres are narrower before the stage widens again on a fast section close to the village of Santopadre ahead of a series of challenging bends on the run to the finish.

The third visit to Fiuggi – Guarcino is due to begin at 17h15 local time and is the event’s deciding stage with the podium scheduled from 18h00 in Fiuggi.

SS9: Santopadre – Arpino 1 (21.17kms) from 09h49 CET, Sunday July 25 on Facebook and YouTube

SS13: Fiuggi – Guarcino 3 (19.87kms) from 17h15 CET, Sunday July 25 on Facebook and YouTube

ERC Radio will be live throughout the day