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Top recognition for ERC Junior stars in British newspaper

2020-05-27T21:34:10+02:00May 28th, 2020|2020|

Respected British weekly newspaper Motorsport News, which has reported on rallying since it was first published in 1955, has included several ERC Junior drivers past and present in a feature highlighting the drivers it thinks will be at the top of the sport in five years from now.

The article, Who Will Be Making the Next Raft of World Rally Championship Headlines, focuses on 10 talents that it believes can make the grade in the future.

Pep Bassas, Erik Cais, Nikolay Gryazin, Chris Ingram, Efrén Llarena, Miko Marczyk and Julian Wagner are included in the top 10, while Pedro Antunes, Callum Devine, Jean-Baptiste Franceschi, Sindre Furuseth, Tom Kristensson, Emil Lindholm, Filip Mareš, Yohan Rossel, Mārtiņš Sesks, Ken Torn, Simon Wagner, Adam Westlund and Kacper Wroblewski are mentioned as ones to watch.

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