Tsouloftas makes his point in ERC

2019-06-01T00:33:01+02:00June 1st, 2019|2019, Rally Liepāja|

Alexandros Tsouloftas delivered another strong performance during his FIA ERC Junior Championship initiation – this time scoring an overall leg bonus point on his way to seventh place in the category for young stars in R5 cars.

What was essentially unchartered territory for a driver used to the slower and more technical Cypriot stages, the Toksport WRT driver’s speed was encouraging throughout given his lack of experience.

“We had a good position and a cleaner road on the first day and it was just fantastic, we’ve never carried so much speed in a corner before,” Tsouloftas said. “Every single corner we were fixing our pacenotes for the second pass because our pacenotes were not so good for this type of rally and we didn’t expect to be able to go through corners so fast.

“Our road position on leg two was not helping us. There was too much sliding, too much wheelspin and everyone knows the stages while it’s my first time. Overall it was a nice rally, really fast and we were learning on every stage. I am happy with our result for the first time here.”