Von Thurn Turn und Taxis thanks co-driver Ettel for ERC pace push

2019-10-01T22:55:24+02:00October 3rd, 2019|2019, Cyprus Rally|

Albert von Thurn und Taxis has explained the role co-driver Bernhard Ettel played in helping him get his FIA European Rally Championship season back on track in Cyprus.

Von Thurn und Taxis started the event on the back of trio of non-finishes and without a point all season. But that changed with his sixth-place finish on the Cyprus Rally in his Baumschlager Rallye & Racing-run ŠKODA Fabia R5.

“I really needed that,” von Thurn und Taxis said afterwards. “It’s been such a tough season so far. The problem if you have a lot of technical difficulties, you also become more careful with your driving because you want to bring home a result and it begins to be a problem with regard to your ability and determination to push.

“It’s good to have Bernhard because he said ‘we don’t care, we push, and if something breaks, something breaks and we have to keep going’. He was really motivating me and I’m very happy with this weekend.

“The rally was super-tough, even tougher than I imagined this afternoon but I am happy to be in the top 10, happy to get some points, happy to finish a race especially after that Free Practice [crash] meant it was not exactly a problem-free weekend.”