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“We can’t make it without you”, ERC Barum Czech Rally Zlín’s Regner launches fundraising appeal

2020-06-25T16:10:38+02:00June 24th, 2020|2020|

Miroslav Regner has been involved in the organisation of Barum Czech Rally Zlín for 46 years. He explains why the FIA European Rally Championship counter needs extra support for the landmark 50th anniversary.

“We have been intensively thinking whether to do this step. To say it frankly: ‘We can’t make it without you’. We have reached a breakpoint, when we have to decide whether we are able to run the anniversary 50th Barum Czech Rally Zlín this year as planned or we postpone it until 2021. The time is running fast. By the end of this month we have to do the final decision either to launch the most intensive and demanding preparation phase heading to the August 2020 or to leave it for the next year. So only about a week is currently remaining and the last chance, how to save the situation, is now at you, our Barum Rally fans and spectators.

“For the anniversary 50th edition of the Barum Rally we originally planned many special events and attractions to make this rally extraordinary and unforgettable. But only few weeks with coronavirus were enough to change the plans completely from the ground. The Barum Rally is now fighting for its future life. From the sporting point of view the upcoming edition could be truly special – in WRC events are being cancelled one by another and many drivers are daily asking whether they can compete in ERC, because this series is one of few international championship which have already stabilised its calendar despite various necessary coronavirus arrangements.

“Unfortunately, this pandemic also deeply affected the economics of our rally and many of its partners. Therefore, our last chance is to recourse to you, rally fans. It is you who year by year make the great atmosphere along the stages, at the city super special stage, in the service park or at the start and finish ceremonies. You are the spice of the Barum Rally, so even when the pandemic burst out we didn’t think a single minute of running the rally without your attendance. But right now, we need your help and you can determine the Barum Rally’s future. There is currently missing 140,000 euros to fulfil the budget and only limited time to gather this sum. However, we still believe we can save the Barum Rally’s 2020 edition.

“Therefore we kindly ask you, our Barum Rally fans, motorsport lovers, competition teams, local citizens who like fast car, companies and businessmen to support the run of the anniversary 50th Barum Czech Rally Zlín – whether it will be held in August 2020 or next year, when the overall situation could be generally more optimistic.”

Watch Miroslav Regner’s emotional appeal by clicking here.

For all those able to make a donation, please see details below:

IBAN: CZ28 0800 0000 0058 8676 1329

Alternatively, a transparent account is online where it is possible to view the current status. It is available at this link:

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