Why Magalhães is down but not out in the ERC

Why Magalhães is down but not out in the ERC

11/08/2017 06:00

Bruno Magalhães might have lost his FIA European Rally Championship title lead following a difficult Rally Rzeszow but there’s good news for the Portuguese ace after he secured the funding to contest the next round in Czech Republic.

Magalhães has been competing on an event-by-event basis after winning the season-opening Azores Airlines Rallye in April. However, a non-score in Cyprus and a tough debut in Poland, where he ended up ninth overall, means he no longer tops the title table, slipping 13 points behind Kajetan Kajetanowicz, who is chasing a third straight European championship crown in 2017.

“We lost the first place but we are very close,” said SEAJETS-backed Magalhães. “It was a very difficult rally [in Poland] but it’s better to try than to stay at home thinking it’s too difficult. Zlín will also be a difficult rally for me, I have just done it once in 2014 and I don’t have experience of these kind of roads. But it’s a good chance to continue fighting. It will be hard but let’s see if we can get some points.”

Barum Czech Rally Zlín takes place from 25-27 August.

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