Why Maior's ERC3 Junior second was best

2021-09-03T13:57:08+02:00September 3rd, 2021|2021, 50th Barum Czech Rally Zlín|

Norbert Maior achieved his goal of keeping Martin László behind him in their FIA ERC3 Junior Championship battle on Barum Czech Rally Zlín.

Maior, from Romania, started the deciding leg leading the Pirelli-supported category with an advantage of 7.0s over László. Although both were overtaken by Frenchman Jean-Baptiste Franceschi, Maior reached the finish 4.0s in front of his Hungarian rival in second position.

“It was a difficult day for sure,” Maior said at the finish of Sunday’s action. “We tried to keep Martin behind us, that was our target because we knew in the morning Franceschi would be really fast, he’s at another level and for the moment we are not prepared for this kind of fight so we tried to manage the second position.”

Despite dropping behind László on SS12, the first pass through Májová, Maior and co-driving sister Francesca were able to get back ahead when László briefly went off the road on SS14. And with SS15 cancelled for both drivers, Maior took second behind Franceschi with László settling for third.

“The Májová stage in the morning was not a good stage for us, it was a difficult stage with a lot of misunderstanding with the pacenotes and we lost a lot of time,” Maior explained. “But we managed to go back on the second position and we are happy for that. We are also happy with the experience here because it’s a really difficult rally and for next year it helps to make the stages like this.”