Remembering when… Bergkvist claimed Opel’s first ERC Junior gold

Remembering when… Bergkvist claimed Opel’s first ERC Junior gold

11/02/2017 12:00

Opel announced its bid for a third successive FIA ERC Junior Championship title earlier this week with Chris Ingram leading the charge.

Back in 2015, Emil Bergkvist was celebrating the make’s maiden triumph in the young driver category following a standout display in his Adam R2, which included three class victories.

And this is the Swedish driver on his way to his first victory of his title-winning campaign on Rally Liepāja alongside co-driver Joakim Sjöberg.

Laurent Pellier is on an exciting learning curve in Czech Republic this week – thanks to the FIA European Rally Championship’s ERC Junior Experience.

Radomír Kupec admits he won’t be as prepared as he would like to be for his Barum Czech Rally Zlín debut this week.

Jan Kopecký, the winner of the 2013 FIA European Rally Championship, is returning to the series that helped to make him a star when Barum Czech Rally Zlín gets underway on Friday.

Marijan Griebel is already in “race mode” heading to Barum Czech Rally Zlín when he will continue his pursuit for his dream prize drive.

Alexey Lukyanuk has vowed to pay more attention to his pacenotes when reconnaissance for round six of the FIA European Rally Championship begins in Zlín tomorrow morning (Wednesday).

Tibor Érdi Jr has issued a warning to his FIA ERC2 rival Zelindo Melegari ahead of Barum Czech Rally Zlín.